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Welcome to The Aphasiology Archive a repository of papers presented at the Clinical Aphasiology Conference (CAC). Since 1971, the Clinical Aphasiology Conference has provided an important forum for the exchange of information related to diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of persons with communication impairments - primarily those of aphasia but also including a restricted range of related disorders

A brief history of Clinical Aphasiology publications was published in 1995. Following the annual publication of the peer-reviewed manuscripts published by BRK Publishers (those manuscripts derived from those presented at the annual meeting of the CAC), the accumulation of these manuscripts has passed through a number of transitional publishers before arriving at its current publication in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (AJSLP), a publication of The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) These publishers are clearly referenced for all manuscripts. They currently reside in the hands of a diminishing number of individuals. With the opening of this archive, these valuable manuscripts will be available to the public and will record a productive history of research and scholarship stimulated in large measure by the annual meeting of the CAC

At present, only the manuscripts derived from these publications are contained within this site. They have been entered by and at the sole expense of the University Library System (ULS), University of Pittsburgh, with the permission of the Steering Committee of the CAC and with the written permission of all previous publishers.

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